Fre Chardonnay

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Tasting Notes:

Fre Chardonnay offers fresh, appealing, peach-like aromas and soft, rich, ripe peach and apple flavors with a crisp finish.

Winemaker Notes:

Fre dealcoholized Chardonnay is produced using the revolutionary spinning cone column, which facilitates the removal and safeguarding of fragile wine aromas and flavors at low temperatures, then removes the alcohol at slightly higher temperatures. The wine essences are then reintroduced to the dealcoholized base wine and blended with unfermented grape juice. The finished product is a fresh, delicious beverage with the characteristic aromas and flavors of premium wine, yet with less than 0.5% alcohol and less than half the calories of regular wine.

Food Pairing:

Enjoy this fruity, wine-like beverage on its own or with fish, chicken, veal, pork, white sauce pastas and mild cheeses.

Other Notes:

Nutritional Data:
(8 ounce serving size)
Calories: 66
Carbohydrates: 18gm/serv
Fat: 0 gm
Protein: 0 gm
Bottle Size: 750ml