About Us

Non Alcoholic Wines Online (a division of Peerless Specialties, LLC)

Our History...

We began selling premium non-alcoholic wines in the mid-1980's with just one product, Ariel. Over the years we strive to offer as many other varieties of non-alcoholic wines and juices for which our customers have asked. As we have found other varieties we have grown our non-alcoholic wine business from a simple telephone order business to a fully safe e-commerce business. We make every effort to offer the best non-alcoholic wines and juices to our current customers and always hope to reach out to other potential consumers who may want to drink non-alcoholic wines and juices.

Alcohol free wines and juices can be enjoyed in any situation where you would otherwise have a glass of alcoholic wine or juice.

It is a great... alternative for those who are partying or out for dinner and then driving a vehicle.
It is a great... choice if your medical condition prevents you from drinking alcoholic beverages.
It is a great... choice if you are pregnant and not able to drink alcohol.
It is a great... choice for those who are in recovery but would still enjoy the tastes.
It is a great... choice to have at restaurants, where we are finding more and more of the products.

You always remain focused and alert. The alcohol content of any of the varieties we sell is less than one half of one percent alcohol. The non-alcoholic wines we offer have been prepared originally as alcoholic wines but then have been de-alcoholized through a special procedure at the vineyards where they originated.

Non Alcoholic Wines Online, a division of Peerless Specialties, LLC is a beverage retailer offering a broad assortment of products and services in a specialty store environment. Thank you for your interest in our non alcoholic wine products and we hope that we see you soon!