Blutul Wines (Import)

Imported from Germany
Blutul Alcohol Free Wines are a result of a years-long journey in search for pure taste and aroma of the bouquet-rich wine. The sophistication of the technological solution that was finally found provides even the tempted aficionados of the finest wines with an exquisite experience.
They are perfect both with fish, poultry, meat as well as with salads, or desserts and light cakes.
One of the peculiar characteristic of the Blutul alcohol free wine is that the same wine tastes different depending on the climate conditions ranging from dry to semi-sweet. Blutul alcohol free wines are all-natural, low in calories and contain no sucrose. Blutul carefully choose top quality wine grapes to maintain delicious natural flavor. The dealcoholization process takes place in mild conditions and fully abides by health standards and hygienic norms. This is why their alcohol free wines are not only deliciously smooth, but also beneficial to health.
Blutul dealcoholized wines are also a great base for alcohol free drinks. The flavor is enhanced by the high quality hand-made natural herbal extracts.